Tips for getting a good portrait...



• Casual outfits in earth tones work best for outdoor photographs.
• Middle tones and solid colors are ideal for formal portraits.
• Avoid large prints, stripes or patterns.
• Avoid wide neck shirts. Polo’s or collar shirts work best, and can
be made to look casual as well as dressy. Avoid sleeveless shirts.


Plan to wear your hair in a style you are comfortable with. Avoid new styles. If you need a cut, get it at least a week before.


If you wear glasses, see if you can obtain a set of matching frames without lenses, or get your lenses removed for the portrait. This will eliminate any reflections that might appear in your glasses saving you the cost of having the glare removed.


Keep your make-up natural and simple and wear it the way you usually do. Foundation is recommended, even if you don't usually wear it, as it evens skin tone and helps with shine.


Be sure to shave within an hour or two of your appointment. A 5 o’clock shadow CANNOT be removed. Even if you don’t shave often, look in the mirror, if you can see hair or whiskers, you can be assured that the camera will pick it up. Shave carefully, nicks and cuts are not good.

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