Adult milk snake

By using the site, you agree to the uses of cookies and other technology as outlined in our Policy, and to our Terms of Use. It is key, therefore, when handling milk snakes to remain slow, calm and deliberate at all times. Milk snakes, like all other snakes, shed their outer layer of skin periodically throughout their lives. They are also very slim and therefore do not obstruct your view into the terrarium. Safety — Can the snake or owner injure itself from the enclosure or any appliances held within?
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What They Eat

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Adder, chin snake, checkered adder, chicken snake, cow-sucker, highland adder, house moccasin, leopard-spotted snake, milk sucker, sand-king, sachem snake, thunder-and-lightning snake. This is a moderate-sized snake with a blunt head only slightly wider than the neck. If you cannot provide a food source, you should give the baby snake to somebody who can. Website desiged by Strategic Marketing, Inc. Click here for Vitamins Cage Maintenance Milk Snakes require minimal maintenance as they usually excrete small amounts of semi-solid fluid.
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Keeping Milk Snakes (Care Sheet) | Keeping Exotic Pets

E-Mail Us Our job is to search out the very best. I have found them to be some of the most docile snakes, and despite 20 years of keeping them I have yet to be bitten by a single specimen. Adult sizes range from 24 inches all the way up to 6 feet, depending on the subspecies. This species consumes mostly small snakes, lizards and mice, but will also take earthworms insects and small frogs. A water bowl big enough for the snake to coil inside of must be provided. If using paper towels, change all paper towels at least once a week. Adults will need a gallon tank, and for every milk snake, add 15 gallons.
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Ths species is 6 inches at birth and grows to about 4 feet. Cleaning Replace the water in the water bowl once a week, and all substrates should be replaced once every 3 months or when soiled. At this time your Milk may refuse a feed or shy away from being handled, but this depends on the individual snake and how they handle preecdysis. The disadvantages of using a bulb as a heat source is that the bulb needs to be turned on constantly to keep the vivarium at the correct temperature. This is neither pleasant for owner or snake. Baby Milksnakes do not need much space, but they do require more room as they grow.
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